French (Concession) Press

French (Concession) Press names a project involving life lived in Shanghai between the years 2006 and 2016 (and counting).

David Perry’s Expat Taxes is the first in a planned series of F(C)P projects. It will be released in September of 2016.

David Perry, Expat Taxes, poemsRead more about Expat Taxes.

Planned future F(C)P volumes include Block and Metro. The former will focus on a single block and its immediate environs in the former French Concession; the latter sets out to traverse the city’s sprawl by enacting and making record of randomized engagements with the world’s longest Metro system (364 stations and counting).

The press name seeks to put critical pressure on the history of Shanghai and China’s engagement with aggressively expansionist 19th and 20th century imperial powers.

The bracketing of “(Concession)” marks this temporal, cultural and geopolitical flux, conflict and tension. In other words, read “former” in the presence of the parentheses: the former French Concession.