Founded in 2006 by the artist Monika Lin to publish artists’ books and catalogues in support of individual voices, Seaweed Salad Editions connects independent writers and artists to create work that is socially contextualized, informed, and engaged.

Poetry in translation

Spring 2019 formally launches our line of poetry in bilingual editions with two titles.

Lu Xun’s Weeds

In July of 2019, we’ll be launching Matt Turner’s new translation of modernist master Lu Xun’s 1927 collection of prose poems, Weeds (野草 Yecao). Previously only available to readers of English in the Yangs’ 1974 Wild Grass translation, Turner brings us the urgency of a book in which Lu Xun plumbs the depths of his soul as China struggles to define itself amidst violent upheaval, civil war, and ideological turmoil.

Yunte Huang writes that Matt Turner’s translation extends the spirit of the original into our time with “a daring leap across the linguistic abyss.” Huang continues: “Like a magnanimous host making room for a persnickety guest, Turner’s English is a generous accommodation for the pique, pout, and poetics of the wild and protean imagination of a Chinese master.”

Forrest Gander writes of Turner’s translation that it “would take a poet‐​translator as deft, daring, and refractory as Matt Turner to take on the sarcasm, playfulness, mystery, and aggressive invention of these poems in Chinese. If ever the worms of boredom have settled into your heart, this is the book that will draw them out, unthread them through your pores, and leave them to dangle until ‘they squint at each other and, slowly, slowly, scatter.'”

Finally, Nick Admussen, from his introduction to Weeds: “Like Shakespeare, the fact that Lu Xun used a particular turn of phrase is sufficient to establish that phrase as part of modern standard Chinese. His readers at the time encountered some of his writing, Weeds included, with bafflement and wildly varying interpretations. This translation emphasizes that generative uncertainty, it cares more about what the collection could mean than what it must. In this way, the translation carries across the sense of the openness of the future that energized and terrified Chinese intellectuals in the early twentieth century.”

Weeds will be available in July of 2019 in both a limited-edition artists’ edition featuring woodblock prints by artist and designer Monika Lin and as a trade paperback.

Han Bo’s China Eastern Railway

Han Bo’s nine-poem cycle 中东铁路 (Zhongdong Tielu) is available in a chapbook edition as The China Eastern Railway, translated by David Perry, with artwork and design by Monika Lin, available in a limited-edition handmade artists’ edition and in paperback.

Imprints and special projects

The first French (Concession) Press publication, David Perry’s collection of poems, Expat Taxes, was published in 2016 and his web-based project N Lines and Changing is forthcoming in the fall of 2019. French (Concession) Press comprises works written in and about Shanghai.

Catalogues and artists’ books

Featuring texts by Sawako Nakayasu, Nina Mehta-Young, and David Perry, previous Seaweed Salad Editions catalogues document Shanghai exhibitions of work by Monika Lin.

We are currently accepting proposals and inquiries regarding new artist-writer collaborative works. Interested artists and writers may contact us here.